CQC mark certification is a kind of voluntary certification established by China Quality Certification Centre, focuses on safety, electromagnetic compatibility, performance, RoHS and other indicators that directly reflect product quality and affect consumers' personal and property safety.

025 Motor Vehicle Products

Categories Category No. product name Rule number Rule name
025 Motor Vehicle Products
025002 Pure electric passenger car CQC53-491135-2017 CQC53-491135-2017 + Car green product certification implementation rules + pure electric passenger cars
025003 Plug-in hybrid electric passenger car CQC53-491134-2017 CQC53-491134-2017 + Car Green Product Certification Implementation Rules + Plug-in Hybrid Electric Passenger Car
025004 Passenger cars (M1 vehicles powered by conventional energy-gasoline and diesel) CQC53-491133-2017 CQC53-491133-2017 + Car Green Product Certification Implementation Rules + Passenger Cars (M1 vehicles with traditional energy-gasoline and diesel fuel)