CQC mark certification is a kind of voluntary certification established by China Quality Certification Centre, focuses on safety, electromagnetic compatibility, performance, RoHS and other indicators that directly reflect product quality and affect consumers' personal and property safety.

012 Low-voltage electrical

Categories Category No. product name Rule number Rule name
012 low voltage electrical
012004 Tubular fuse link
CQC11-462125-2018 safety certification rules for small fuses
012005 Subminiature fuse link
012006 Universal Modular Fuses
012007 Fuseholders for small tubular fuse bodies CQC11-462189-2016 CQC11-462189-2016 safety certification rules for fuse holders of small tubular fuse bodies
012009 Industrial terminal block CQC11-462123-2017 CQC11-462123-2017 Terminal Block Safety Certification Rules
012010 Rules for the certification of fuses for the protection of solar photovoltaic systems CQC11-462199-2013 CQC11-462199-2013 fuse certification rules for solar photovoltaic system protection.pdf
012013 Inverter (safety) CQC11-461391-2015 CQC11-461391-2015 Inverter safety certification rules.pdf
012014 Inverter (performance) CQC16-461392-2015 CQC16-461392-2015 Inverter Performance Certification Rules.pdf
012015 Circuit breakers for solar photovoltaic (PV) systems CQC33-462184-2015 CQC33-462184-2015 Circuit breaker certification rules for solar photovoltaic (PV) systems
012017 Energy meter external circuit breaker CQC11-462187-2016 CQC11-462187-2016 Certification Rules for External Circuit Breakers of Energy Meters
012018 Self-recovery overvoltage and undervoltage protection CQC11-462188-2016 CQC11-462188-2016 Self-Healing Overvoltage and Undervoltage Protector (OUPA) Certification Rules
012019 Surge Protector (SPD) on the DC side of a photovoltaic system CQC33-462112-2016 CQC33-462112-2016 Surge Protector (SPD) Certification Rules for the DC Side of Photovoltaic Systems
012020 Fault arc protection appliances CQC11-462291-2016 CQC11-462291-2016 Certification rules for fault arc protection appliances
012021 Electronic controller for automatic transfer switch appliance CQC11-462225-2017 CQC11-462225-2017 Certification rules for electronic controllers for automatic transfer switch appliances
012022 DC circuit breaker for home and similar places CQC11-462294-2017 CQC11-462294-2017 Safety certification rules for DC circuit breakers for household and similar places
012023 Residual current operated circuit breaker with automatic reclosing function CQC13-462295-2017 CQC13-462295-2017 Certification Rules for Residual Current Operated Circuit Breakers with Auto-Reclosing Function
012024 Low-voltage fuse link for 10kV integrated column transformer CQC13-462296-2017 CQC13-462296-2017 10kV Integrated Transformer Low Voltage Fuses Certification Rules
012025 10kV Integrated Fuse Type Isolating Switch for Transformer CQC13-462297-2017 CQC13-462297-2017 + 10KV Integrated Column On-Column Transformer Fuse Type Isolation Switch Certification Rules
012026 Low-voltage complete equipment main switch CQC16-462293-2018 CQC16-462293-2018 Implementation Rules for Application Performance Certification of Low Voltage Complete Equipment Main Switches
012027 Commutation switch type three-phase load unbalance automatic adjustment device subunit-commutation switch CQC13-462226-2018 CQC13-462226-2018 commutation switch type three-phase load imbalance automatic adjustment device sub-unit-commutation switch performance safety certification
012028 Special protection device for low voltage surge protector CQC11-471452-2019 CQC11-471452-2019 + certification rules for special protection devices for low voltage surge protectors
012029 Thermal fuse CQC11-462283-2019 CQC11-462283-2019 safety certification rules for thermal fuses
012030 Industrial distribution appliances CQC11-462141-2019 CQC11-462141-2019 Implementation Rules for Safety Certification of Industrial Distribution
012031 Industrial control appliances CQC11-462142-2019 CQC11-462142-2019 Industrial Control Electrical Appliance Safety Certification Implementation Rules
012032 Household and similar electrical distribution protection appliances CQC11-462143-2019 CQC11-462143-2019 Rules for the Implementation of Safety Certification for Distribution Protection Appliances in Households and Similar Places