CQC mark certification is a kind of voluntary certification established by China Quality Certification Centre, focuses on safety, electromagnetic compatibility, performance, RoHS and other indicators that directly reflect product quality and affect consumers' personal and property safety.

013 auto parts

Categories Category No. product name Rule number Rule name
013 auto parts
013001 Motor vehicle brake hose CQC16-491284-2018 CQC16-491284-2018 + Motor Vehicle Brake Hose Implementation Rules
013002 Car V-belt CQC16-362421-2010 CQC16-362421-2010 Automotive V-belt certification rules.pdf
013004 Seat and seat headrest CQC16-491261-2018 CQC16-491261-2018 Car seat and seat headrest implementation rules
013005 Car steering wheel CQC13-491276-2010 CQC13-491276-2010 Motor Vehicle Steering Wheel Certification Rules.pdf
013006 Car door locks and door holders CQC16-491289-2018 CQC16-491289-2018 Car door locks and door holder implementation rules
013008 engine CQC16-491262-2018 CQC16-491262-2018 + Car Engine Implementation Rules
013009 Motorcycle engine CQC16-431211-2018 CQC16-431211-2018 + motorcycle engine certification rules
013010 Automotive General Gas Spring CQC16-491291-2010 CQC16-491291-2010 General gas spring certification rules for automobiles.pdf
013011 Motor vehicle lamps and light sources CQC16-469132-2010 CQC16-469132-2010 Road motor vehicle bulb certification rules.pdf
013012 Retro reflector CQC16-491286-2018 CQC16-491286-2018 + Motor vehicle retro reflector implementation rules
013013 Rearview Mirror CQC16-491201-2020 CQC16-491201-2020 Motor Vehicle Indirect Vision Device Certification Rules
013014 Motor vehicle horn CQC16-491283-2018 CQC16-491283-2018 + Motor Vehicle Horn Implementation Rules
013015 Windshield wipers and scrubbers CQC16-491263-2018 CQC16-491263-2018 + Car windshield wiper and scrubber implementation rules
013016 Interior materials CQC16-491264-2018 CQC16-491264-2018 vehicle interior materials certification rules
013017 wheel CQC16-491292-2018 CQC16-491292-2018 automotive wheel certification rules
013018 Car fuel tank CQC16-491285-2018 CQC16-491285-2018 + Car Fuel Tank Implementation Rules
013023 Steering lock with ignition switch CQC16-469222-2010 CQC16-469222-2010 Automotive steering lock certification rules with ignition switch.pdf
013024 Car alternator CQC16-469121-2010 CQC16-469121-2010 Automotive alternator certification rules.pdf
013025 Car starter motor CQC16-469113-2010 CQC16-469113-2010 Automotive starter motor certification rules.pdf
013026 Lead-acid battery for automobile starting CQC16-464213-2014 CQC16-464213-2014 Lead-acid battery certification rules for automotive startup.pdf
013027 Car exhaust muffler CQC16-491293-2010 CQC16-491293-2010 Automotive exhaust muffler certification rules.pdf
013029 Warning triangle CQC16-429991-2010 CQC16-429991-2017 Certification Rules for Triangular Warning Signs for Motor Vehicles
013030 Automotive air-conditioning refrigeration device CQC16-491295-2018 CQC16-491295-2018 + Car Air Conditioning Refrigeration Device Certification Implementation Rules
013033 Brake CQC16-491265-2018 CQC16-491265-2018 ++ Car brake implementation rules
013034 Brake master cylinder CQC16-491266-2018 CQC16-491266-2018 ++ automotive hydraulic brake master cylinder certification rules
013041 Shock absorber CQC16-491272-2010 CQC16-491272-2010 Automotive shock absorber certification rules.pdf
013049 Automotive connectors CQC16-471842-2010 CQC16-471842-2010 Motor vehicle wiring harness connector certification rules.pdf
013051 Automobile universal joint cross shaft assembly CQC16-491275-2010 CQC16-491275-2010 Automobile universal joint cross shaft assembly certification rules.
013052 Automotive wheel bearing unit CQC16-491274-2010 CQC16-491274-2018 + automotive wheel bearing unit certification rules
013053 Constant velocity universal joint for automobile and its assembly CQC16-491273-2010 CQC16-491273-2010 Automotive constant velocity joints and their assembly certification rules.pdf
013056 Automotive exterior lighting and light signal device CQC16-491269-2020 CQC16-491269-2020 + Implementation rules for automotive exterior lighting and light signal devices
013057 Vehicle power battery CQC12-464221-2017 CQC12-464221-2017 Vehicle power battery safety and electromagnetic compatibility certification rules
013059 Road vehicles and components (ESA) CQC15-491103-2018 CQC15-491103-2018 + road vehicle and component (ESA) electromagnetic compatibility certification rules
013060 Passenger car tire pressure monitoring system CQC16-491277-2018 CQC16-491277-2018 + Implementation Rules for the Certification of Passenger Car Tire Pressure Monitoring System