CQC mark certification is a kind of voluntary certification established by China Quality Certification Centre, focuses on safety, electromagnetic compatibility, performance, RoHS and other indicators that directly reflect product quality and affect consumers' personal and property safety.

014 motorcycle parts

014 motorcycle parts
014002 Piston ring CQC16-431513-2010 CQC16-431513-2010 motorcycle piston ring certification rules.pdf
014003 Magnetic motor CQC16-469115-2010 CQC16-469115-2010 Motorcycle Magnetic Motor Certification Rules.pdf
014004 Starting motor CQC16-469116-2010 CQC16-469116-2010 Motorcycle Starter Motor Certification Rules.pdf
014007 wheel CQC16-499416-2010 CQC16-499416-2010 motorcycle wheel and rim certification rules.pdf
014008 Brake CQC16-499474-2010 CQC16-499474-2010 Motorcycle brake certification rules.pdf
014009 Shock absorber CQC16-499413-2010 CQC16-499413-2010 motorcycle shock absorber certification rules.pdf
014011 Manipulation cable CQC16-499415-2010 CQC16-499415-2010 Motorcycle Control Cable Certification Rules.pdf
014012 Steering anti-theft device CQC16-499412-2010 CQC16-499412-2010 Motorcycle steering lock anti-theft device certification rules.pdf
014013 Accumulator CQC16-464211-2010 CQC11-464211-2014 + Certification Rules for Motorcycle Battery
014014 Motorcycle rearview mirror CQC16-491201-2020 CQC16-491201-2020 Motor Vehicle Indirect Vision Device Certification Rules
014015 Speedometer CNCA-V01-037: 2003 CNCA-V01-037: 2003 Speedometer
014016 Voltage Regulator CQC16-461223-2010 CQC16-461223-2010 Certification Rules for Motorcycle Voltage Regulators.pdf
014017 External lighting and light signal device for motorcycle CQC16-491269-2020 CQC16-491269-2020 + Implementation rules for automotive exterior lighting and light signal devices
014018 Ignition coils CQC16-469117-2010 CQC16-469117-2010 Certification Rules for Ignition Coils for Magnetic Motors.pdf
014019 lighter CQC16-469118-2010 CQC16-469118-2010 Certification rules for igniter for magnetic motor